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‘Not The Last Act’ The Bara Bara Band

(May 29, 2013)

On their EP ‘Not The Last Act’ The Bara Bara Band deliver an eclectic mix, meandering through the  Bara Bara Bandconvoluted paths of alternative folk, some of the less well-trodden routes of unorthodox country music, taking in the dark alleyways of psychedelia along the way.

Roaming through a collection of influences, all subsumed into their own particular and distinctive style, the intensity begins with ‘Come Ye Forth’ and immediately Ruth Jacob’s vocals stamp their authority on its crescendo-rich, echoing violin-trimmed effervescence. Next you’re into the title track ‘Not The Last Act’ a bass and percussion-led vibrancy with folky-narrative overtones and punchy vocals. Step change to a pastoral wistfulness with darker folk tendencies and ‘What Do You Believe In’ offers another facet of this experience, while the closer ‘Medusa’ puts a folk-country edge to an unconventional view on the mythological Gorgon.

This EP conveys the impression of a passionate, interlaced heart that periodically flails into a tenuously-held swirl of thoughts and images. Not easy to hold down but well worth the chase. So when does the album follow?

On ‘Not The Last Act’ The Bara Bara Band are Ruth Jacob (songwriter, vocals, guitar, harmonica, banjo) Rupert Browne (bass guitar, backing vocals) Will Dobson (drums, glockenspiel) Boris Ming (fiddle, keyboard, backing vocals) and Claudia Ruane (melodica, backing vocals).

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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