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'Late Riser' - The Abramson Singers

(June 03, 2013)

There’s a new album from Canadian singer-songwriter Leah Abramson and her band The Abramson Singers, it’s called ‘Late Riser’ and it continues where their self-titled album ‘The Abramson Singers’ Late Riserleft off. There’s another plethora of beguiling melodies augmented by mellifluous, alluring vocals that reveal songs themed around life with all its expectations, frailties, joys and sorrow. From the delicate opening with harmony-rich choral tones of ‘Liftoff Canon’ to the acceptance of the guitar-driven ‘Jack Of Diamonds’ and the sonorous vocal beauty of ‘Drowning Man’ - these songs call to you.

There are also wider narrative songs that encapsulate contemplation of memory and reflections of their homeland. The aching sadness of ‘Marguerite’ with its lingering melody and vocals, relates the tale of Canadian politician, spiritual leader of the Métis people and folk legend Louis Riel, while ‘Red River Valley’ with its melancholy feel takes you places and shows you moments that tear at the heartstrings.

Late Riser’ deals out some challenging messages but with lyrics wrapped in such languid and mellow music it’s hard to do anything but luxuriate in their embrace.

The Abramson Singers on ‘Late Riser’ are Leah Abramson (vocals, guitar) Tyson Naylor (keyboards) Patrick Metzger (bass) Lucien Durey (vocals) Dan Gaucher (drums, percussion) Greg Murray (drums) Eric Weiden (horns) Samantha Parton (harmony vocals) Joshua Grange (baritone guitar) Rayna Gellert (viola) Jesse Zubot (violin) Alison Girvan and Don MacDonald (harmony vocals).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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