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‘Night Time Rallies’ from The Day of the Rabblement - an idiosyncratic mix

(June 11, 2013)

Aside from being an essay by Irish novelist and poet James Joyce, The Day of the Rabblement is a The Day of the Rabblementsix-piece indie-folk band that plays what you may safely call stylish British contemporary folk music. To experience their singular brand of folk you should listen to their album ‘Night Time Rallies’ which launches in July 2013 through a partnership between Psychedelia Records and Pie & Vinyl Records. There’s a wealth of influence flowing around in this album – English folk, Celtic overtones and slices of Americana – the result is an idiosyncratic mix that will catch you from the outset.

The immediate hook is the distinctive, absorbing voice of Khaleda Brophy, which possesses clarity and richness with a slight echo of some Kate Bush style phrasing. Her unique delivery is reinforced by some inspired harmonies and skilful musicianship from the band.

They open with the hopeful supplication of ‘Cultivated Earth’, then hit you with the concentration of ‘Night Time Rallies’ and the intricate musical layers and step-changes of ‘Going Out’. Apparently, ‘the single from the album’ will be ‘I Know You Can Do Better’ – no surprises there - it’s a captivating song that seizes from the first note with memorable melody and beguiling vocals.The mood changes with the intensity of ‘Anthony Walker’ – definitely a song of its time with a tough message and flawless delivery. Other joys include ‘Bow Down’ and the infectious accordion drive of ‘Kelly Welly’ and the tender musings of ‘Money & Gold’.

My opinion in summary? ‘Night Time Rallies’ deserves recognition. The Day of the Rabblement deserve success.

And in case you don't know: The Day of the Rabblement is Khaleda Brophy (vocals, guitar) Danny Harmer (accordion, vocals) Tom McGibben (banjo, vocals) Caitlin Burchett (violin, vocals), Ollie Alsford (mandolin, vocals) and Josh Alsford (bass).

Reviewer Tim Carroll

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