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‘Warboats’ from Dark for Dark - innovative, haunting multi-layered vocals

(June 13, 2013)

WarboatsThe somewhat enigmatically named Dark for Dark are Rebecca Zolkower, Melanie Stone and Jess Lewis and should innovative, haunting multi-layered vocals with mellifluous harmonies be your particular weakness then their latest album ‘Warboats’ deserves your attention.

The first time you hear them your reaction will be to focus on the voices, the blend is a faultless as a finely crafted perfume – subtle, unmistakeable, honeyed and headily intoxicating. They slip effortlessly across a far ranging folk landscape taking in edges of empathy tinged rhythms, pastoral and personal narratives and acoustic simplicity to deliver essential vocal virtuosity. Your next focus will be the captivating tunes delivered by a sympathetic mix of instruments – and again the blend is seamless. The scope of ‘Warboats’ takes you through the meandering expression of  ‘Around’ and the gentle narrative of ‘Waverley Road’; there’s also the engaging melodies of ‘Wake Me When It’s Over’ and the inspired love of ‘Little Birds’ both with enticing poetically phrased vocals.

Often albums are called beautiful … this one simply is.

Across various tracks on ‘Warboats’ along with Rebecca, Melanie and Jessare Liam Finney (mandolin, banjo, steel resonator and acoustic guitar) Corey Isenor (acoustic guitar, ukulele, vocals) Jess Lewis (vocals, bass) Jason Michael MacIssac (piano) John Mullane (electric guitar) Kris Pope (lap steel) Dick Shipley (mellotron) and Lindsay Stevenson (French horn).

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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