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‘Morchella’ - new EP by Hannalee - finely tuned harmonie

(June 14, 2013)

Something just grabbed me and dragged me back into the embrace of late sixties ethereal West-Coast folk. This tumble back to my youth was engendered by the melodious mellowness and Morchellahaunting vibrancy of contemporary-traditional American folk delivered by Hannalee in their EP ‘Morchella’.

Their music holds all the otherworldly elements that wandered around those intoxicating days to bring back a faintly recollected memory. For younger ears that don’t hear a faint ‘hark-back’ to other days, ‘Morchella’  is pure folk that exudes happiness through its finely tuned harmonies and fusion of guitar, dulcimer and percussion.

A thud of pulsating drums leads in the sibilant strings and polished harmonies in ‘Can’t Believe It’ before the multifaceted vocals of ‘Golden Sunrise’ arrive and with their gentle embrace make the world feel a happier place. These are eminently listenable compositions – take time to experience the warmth and quaintness of ‘The Wedding Song’, the inherent exuberance of ‘Home You’re Leaving’ and for those of us that remember the Summer of Love, the expansive wonder of 'Asleep in the Attic'.

No matter how hard I try, as I listen to this album echoes of the past keep coming back through the music. Perhaps I’m hankering for a time when the light was brighter, life seemed easier and solving problems was simple – then again perhaps I’m just falling under the spell woven by Hannalee – find them here:

On ‘Morchella’, Hannalee are Michael Notter (guitar, ukulele, vocals) Anna-Lisa Notter (ukulele, dulcimer, vocals, percussion) and Fidelia Rowe (vocals, percussion) with Faustine Hudson (drums) on 'Golden Sunrise' and 'Asleep in the Attic'.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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