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‘If Only I Could Fly’ by Emerald Rae - an inimitable performance

(June 28, 2013)

‘If Only I Could Fly’ is an enticing blend of vibrant Americana and ancient Celtic inspiration that brews up an infusion of innovation interleaving Scottish, Irish and Cape Breton traditions. This solo album Emerald Raefrom the deliciously named Emerald Rae, tracks the influences of her heritage, experiences and musical journey overlaid with a fearlessness to experiment and deliver an inimitable performance.

Familiar or not with her name it’s a fair bet that sooner or later Emerald Rae’s reputation will expand to a much wider audience. You cannot keep virtuoso talent under wraps for long. If you have any love at all for the fiddle then this is an album for you. Emerald not only plays guitar, fiddle and crwth (and in case you’re wondering, a crwth is an archaic stringed instrument, associated with Welsh music - there’s one on the album cover) she also possesses a powerful emotive voice that fits her music to perfection.

As well as being a vehicle for her writing skills, this album exudes a profundity of tradition that creates a soothing folklore feel. The stand out tracks for me are the sensuous title track ‘If Only I Could Fly’, the powerful presence of ‘Firefly’ or the bewitching melodies of ‘Summertime Will Come’ and ‘Moon Dance’.

You can find Emerald here: and ‘If Only I Could Fly’  on CD Baby and Bandcamp.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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