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‘Under the Sky’ from Lazibyrd - perceptive, carefully crafted observations

(July 01, 2013)

The combination of Sharon Martin (songwriter, vocals, violin, ukulele, viola) and Tom Chapman (vocals, Under_the_Sky_Coverguitar) makes Lazibyrd, it also makes for observant, caustic, sometimes harsh and always straight-to-the-point lyrics augmented by simple yet engaging, delicate acoustic melodies. Lazibyrd's debut album, ‘Under the Sky’ is an appealing collection of songs that spark interest on first hearing and continue to intrigue – couldn’t ask for more really.

Sharon's voice hits you from the outset, at first slightly fragile but masking latent potential and depth as it delivers their poignant lyrics, the harmonies are tight and the musicianship substantial. ‘I’m Alright Jack’ is an acerbic little stab at self-obsession, acquiring possessions and the desire to ignore your neighbours, and it sets you on the track of Lazibyrd lyrics and their perceptive, carefully crafted observations. There’s a more personal and kinder feel to songs like ‘The Little Things’, which looks at the important minutiae of relationships, ‘Fog on the Water’ with its more cautious edge to the lyrics and the instantly attractive hook to ‘Half of One Whole’.

They explore some perennial human needs through the percussive rhythm and intense lyrics of ‘Fly Away’ as it examines the desire to break away from restrictions. By contrast, ‘Love Unrequited’ offers a refreshing take on one-sided adoration. The title sets up an expectation of the song but spot-on lyrics, precise vocals and razor-sharp violin, take this song to another level - this is the album-favourite for me.

You can find ‘Under the Sky’ from Lazibyrd at Bandcamp, CD Baby and Reverbnation.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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