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‘Six Songs’ a memorable EP from Andi Butler

(July 04, 2013)

Styles in folk come and go - innovation and experimentation vie with tradition, the scope of six-songs-cover-on-the-brown-300x267instrumentation constantly expands - but the primal quintessence of voice and narrative remain. And when that elemental resonance hits the mark there is little to compare - an EP called ‘Six Songs’ from singer-songwriter Andi Butler delivers that essence to perfection. 

There are, predictably, six songs on the EP, one traditional and five self-penned originals and throughout each one the utterly, undiluted simplicity of Andi’s voice. There’s an attractive tenderness to her vocals perfectly augmented by the depth of the narratives and the smoothness of her performance laid over simple instrumentation from guitar, cello, violin and bodhran. There is nothing more required, nothing to take away - what exists in ‘Six Songs’ is all that’s needed.

The opening ‘Song For a Friend’ is a sensitive expression of love and friendship across an evocative melody, while ‘Winding Path’ and ‘Highland Snow’ with their beautiful lyrics build on a tantalising combination of softly played bodhran and finely accented strings. The haunting ‘The Water is Wide’ allows Andi’s empathy-filled vocals to soar – this lady has a ‘hear once and forget never’ voice.

Along with Andi (guitar, freenote, voice) on ‘Six Songs’ there are Aimee Leonard (bodhran, voice) Ian Kennedy (cello) Leo Polchar (cello) and Andy Tsao (violin).

‘Six Songs’ was released to celebrate Andi’s birthday on 15th June … her goal is to record and release an album for her next birthday … I for one look forward to that with high expectation. Find Andi here:

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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