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‘Never too late to come home’ latest album from Brendan Monaghan

(July 17, 2013)

Brendan Monaghan possesses the classic lyrical quintessence and melodic appreciation of an Irish Never too late to come homesinger-songwriter. Perhaps less known that a songwriter of his calibre deserves, he crafts memorable lyrics and delivers them with a softly engaging voice. Through mournful, hopeful and joyous ballads to snatches of folk rock and well-executed pop covers, Brendan unerringly hits the spot. His latest album ‘Never too late to come home’ takes you through a corner of his repertoire and perfectly reflects his contrasting vibes.

To hook you from the start, ‘Never too late to come home’ opens with an infectious chorus-rich, bass-driven piece of folk rock, ‘T’was Only a Lie’, from there Brendan slides effortlessly into the beautiful ballad ‘Sister’s Lament’, then follows with a stripped-down cover of the Phil Spector produced ‘I Love How You Love Me’ - and that’s all the introduction you need to the miscellany this album offers. Also in the mix are songs about leaving home and returning, the sorrowful acceptance of ‘Leaving Portaferry’ and Seán McBride’s hopeful ‘The Homes of Donegal’, pensive songs about love and relationship, ‘Oh Rosie’, ‘Sweetest Kiss’ and ‘A Friend in You’– all filled with genuine emotion made more penetrating by Brendan’s resonant vocal delivery.

Nothing outrageous, nothing extravagant, meeting every expectation - this is simply a well-crafted, finely-produced album that shows how an accomplished singer-songwriter delivers his art. Find the man and his music here:

On ‘Never too late to come home’ there’s Brendan Monaghan (vocals, guitar, bodhran) Richard Murray (bass, guitar) Gary Aiken (guitar, keyboards, percussion) Niall McClean (fiddle) Shelia Roberts (backing vocals) Colleen McCleery (whistle, banjo).

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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