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‘Drawn by the Flood’ by Jonathan Torgrimsen - a ‘close encounter’ we can relate to

(July 18, 2013)

There we go, faith in the world restored, there is still a place for guitar-driven Americana, clean and Drawn by Floodunadulterated, especially when the music engages instantly. Listen to ‘Drawn by the Flood’, a short five-track album of original material by Jonathan Torgrimsen. Listen to his long-drawn, searching vocals, sharp-as-life lyrical observations and undiluted tough-as-they-come songs. This man has a voice that fits his subjects, too often singers forget this simple truth, but Jonathan has it nailed. If reviewers have the temerity to offer observations to artists, then mine to Jonathan would be ‘Drawn by the Flood’ hits it one, so could we have more of the same please.

This is untainted folk Americana with just the right amount of rock added to the mix. Listen to ‘And We Sing to hear what that sounds like - old as the hills one second fresh as dawn the next - this is music of heritage with a fine contemporary edge. Listen to the musical muscle of ‘Amsterdam’ a bluesy edge and a fatalism born out of encounters, the same experience lends authority to the essential truths of ‘Take Me Back’, while with its instantaneous hook and persuasive guitars, the eponymous ‘Drawn By The Flood’ pours out more angst-filled vocal across a melody that carries the message so well.

This is music that evokes feelings and messages familiar to all of us, and it’s that familiarity that makes ‘Drawn by the Flood’ a ‘close encounter’ that we can all relate to and enjoy the experience.

The album is downloadable from BandCamp:

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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