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‘New World’ Tom Mitchell’s debut album - fulfilling the promise

(August 07, 2013)

It’s an oft-repeated question: “Fine for an EP but does the music have enough guts to deliver an New Worldalbum?” No question with this artist - following his EP ‘Ruthless Thing’, Tom Mitchell has released his debut album ‘New World’. With this album, I’m pleased to say that singer-songwriter Tom has more than fulfilled the EP’s promise and delivered an assured and accomplished album. Once again, there are the keenly perceptive songs, finely placed and edgy acoustic strings, delicious harmonies, supremely catchy melodies and gently infectious vocal.

‘New World’ offers a strikingly constructed selection of acoustic folk with a soupcon of rocky pop hooks added for extra attraction. Its overriding feel expands on Tom’s individuality and versatility allowing him more scope to develop his musical expression and creativity. And before someone points out that some tracks on the album also featured on the EP – listen to both - that shows how far the man has come with ‘New World’.

The opener, ‘Hammock’ is one of those ‘played-again’ tracks; the sharp observations remain with a punchy harmonica for added edge, there’s also a welcome return for a re-worked ‘Ruthless Thing’ and the acerbic bite of ‘He Forgot to Check his Heart in at The Door’. There’s an unerring frankness to ‘Side Effects’, which for me is one of the standout tracks and begging to be a radio-play single, while the insistent energy of ‘From Experience’ lays its message on the line without holding anything back.

Alongside Tom on ‘New World’ are Sarah Proudfoot (harmony vocals) and Henry Slim (harmonica). You can find ‘New World’ on Tom’s website: tommitchellmusic.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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