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‘One More Time Around’ from Scott Cook – songs of meaning

(August 12, 2013)

‘One More Time Around’ is a meditative album from Alberta-based singer-songwriter Scott Cook – and Scott Cookit’s an album that stands out in its exploration of people, places, incidents and experiences. There are reflections, observations, nostalgias and futures, promises and warnings, with lyrics that set striking scenes or prompt thoughtful consideration. These are songs that convey their message with gentle encouragement. Songs of meaning that make you pay attention.

The album opens with a classic example of Scott’s lyrical skill, ‘Pass It Along’ offers a deliberation on the true implications of ownership, the impact of what we do and how time always has the upper hand. Using an example of the ‘temporary ownership of a guitar, he sets you mind thinking about deeper ‘ownership issues’. Scott has an edgy voice that moves deliberately across his songs, it adds a sombre edge to mournful songs and a questioning agitation to his observances on reality. There’s the sharp reality check of ‘When We’re Back Around’ with its beseeching lyric, the softly perceptive ‘You Don’t Find Out in the End’ and the harsh truth of ‘Broke, and So Far from Home’. And for a song of eternal optimism spend time with ‘New Grist’ and find out just how a solitary fiddle adds just the right accents.

This is one of those albums I’m glad that I found. Some albums are for good times, some for sad times, others for crying into your beer. ‘One More Time Around’ is an album for thinking and realising that someone can put emotions into words for you to hear. It’s like reading a personal diary and in many ways as much of a privilege.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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