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‘Roadtrip Confessions’ from Buffalo Tales - country-spiced folk music

(August 12, 2013)

There’s something eternally engaging about hard-hitting songs that pull no punches and vocals that sound as though they could dish out a few. ‘Roadtrip Confessions’ from Buffalo Tales delivers buffalo-tales-roadtrip-confessions-albumnarratives that examine travelling, searching, arrival, expectation and unlooked-for resolution. And the man at the heart of the music and the vocals, Wes Carr, delivers each song with a commitment that mirrors the depth of the content.

From the wrenching of ‘Whispering Willow’ through the hook and drive of ‘Amsterdam’ to the sombre understanding of ‘Crazy Heart’ there is a sense of letting the songs form themselves as they arrive. Simple guitar, simple production, nothing added that’s not required – each one living in the moment. Every so often a singer-songwriter with this ability comes along and gives out songs that make this level of contact - ‘Roadtrip Confessions’ is a collection of them. The musical breadth to this album ranges freely across its content – the country-rock groove of ‘Oh! My Kingdom’, the mournful harmonica framing the deep-voiced perception of ‘The Flame’ and the resigned discernment of ‘Tricks to Magic’. As well as his own work, Wes adds a melancholy delivery to Leonard Cohen’s ‘Take This Waltz’ and delivers a fine cover of ‘Diamonds’ by Rhianna.

‘Roadtrip Confessions’ by Buffalo Tales is a concept from Sydney, Australia-based singer‐songwriter Wes Carr. It’s also an exceptional piece of country-spiced folk music that shows a singer-songwriter ready to be vulnerable yet impervious, searching yet discovered as he weaves narratives that both expose personal experiences and offer poignant comment on life.

‘Roadtrip Confessions’ is available on the Buffalo Tales’ website and iTunes.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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