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‘New Everything’ from Brooks Williams - high-grade soulful Americana

(August 14, 2013)

Some singer-songwriters can seize an audience and hold them, through live performance or through Brooks Williamstheir recordings. When it comes to expressing that skill, Brooks Williams ranks among the finest – I’ve experienced both performances and recordings and can vouch for their quality. Brooks delivers high-grade soulful Americana with a substantial touch of blues and an honesty that defines his music. On ‘New Everything’ Brooks has put together a collection of self-penned songs with a couple of personal takes on songs from American blues singer K.C. Douglas and Americana legend Dave Alvin.

This is best described as Americana that sets out its store through the experience of involvement and encounters that breed a natural familiarity with a subject and its expression. You have the distinct feeling that you’re listening to a man that has ridden around the streets and bars of more than a few towns. The laid back unhurried delivery and softly delivered vocals could only come from a man that has been there and done it. The influence of Brook’s southern heritage is plain to see as it flows through his music.

‘New Everything’ delivers without fail - from the supremely relaxed ‘One Step’, through the rolling, sultry delivery of ‘Mercury Blues’ and an achingly beautiful version of ‘King of California’, to the slow solid statement of life that is ‘Deep River Blues’ and the delicious melody of the eponymous ‘New Everything’. There are 13 tracks to savour - enjoy ‘New Everything’, I’m sure you will. You can find the man and his music here:

Joining in various tracks alongside Brooks (acoustic, electric and resonator guitars, vocals) on ‘New Everything’ is an enviable list of talent that includes John Wheeler (electric guitar, harmony vocals) Andy Seward (bass) Keith Angel (drums) Steve Lockwood (harmonica) Kevin McGuire (double bass, harmony vocal) Martin Simpson (resonator slide guitar) Boo Hewerdine (acoustic guitar, harmony vocals) Gustaf Lundgren (electric guitar, harmony vocals) and Neil McSweeny (electric guitar, harmony vocal).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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