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‘Hidden Seam’ by Lisa Knapp - something rare and wraithlike

(August 15, 2013)

There’s a fey quality to Lisa Knapp’s music echoing other worlds and other times. It hints at spectral places that you dare only dream about – it makes you feel that any attempt to fix this music in place Hidden Seam Lisa Knappand time could make it evaporate entirely. That’s how rare and wraithlike it sounds – a quality that permeates throughoutLisa's second album, ‘Hidden Seam’ a follow-up to ‘Wild and Undaunted’. This album walks a familiar yet essentially different mystical path through folk music – the similarities are Lisa’s distinctive and ethereal vocals the differences are wider expression and further exploration.

Vocals and sound effects seep through the intriguing ‘Shipping Song’ – its lyrics combined with the strange and idiosyncratic names for sandbanks, estuaries, islands and points used in the Shipping Forecast. Lisa’s lyrics coupled to the chanting of these names evokes a taste for the sea’s barely-explored desolation. There’s a short transition to take you into the title track ‘Hidden Seam’ – exploring the relationship between sea and moon, distance and adventure, and understanding relationships. And again, slithering layers of sound move and build behind Lisa’s voice. There is much going on with this music, poetry and lyrics, it is almost impossible to grasp their elusive intent.

There’s a powerful moody rendition of Lal Waterson’s ‘Black Horse’ that’s filled with lingering harmonies and echoing drums, while less foreboding ‘Two Ravens’ is equally haunting with its soundscape and a little disconcerting with its poignant lyric. Wandering an existential path between pastoral and psyche folk expression, Lisa weaves evocative melodies around questioning poetic vocals with fragile insubstantiality and alluring power to create ‘Hidden Seam’.

"Hidden Seam", is due for release on 16th September 2013.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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