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‘American Fiction’ by Pat LePoidevin - songs of persons and places

(August 28, 2013)

The longer you listen to ‘American Fiction’ by Pat LePoidevin the more you realise that here is a American Fictionsongwriter that picks on the ‘little things that make life real’ and adds them to his melodies to create songs of persons more than people and places rather than locations. You feel that the experiences and existences that come under his musical microscope are where lives are lived and where the small elements really matter.

‘American Fiction’ pulls no punches. It tells its fictional stories with a truthful frankness. Its undiluted attention to engaging through expounding personal experience gives it the edge of intensely private encounters, fiction though it may be. There’s a wide-eyed innocence to LePoidevin’s whispered lyrics and high-edged vocals, there’s drift between force and frailty that emphasises the link between stories and settings. There's definite melodic quality to this laconic rocky, folk-Americana (or sholud that be Canadiana) feeling album, enhanced by a distinct lucidity and freshness.

Each song is placed in real-world America – from Winter Park, Colorado through Caliente, California to Hayden Lake, Idaho – through stories that take on personal narratives. LePoidevin positions his persons in places that through heritage and experience appear to identify with the characters and become homes for achingly believable stories of life - fiction or not.

‘American Fiction’ released on 27 August 2013 and delivering the truth on ‘American Fiction’ alongside Pat LePoidevin (vocals, acoustic guitar) are Lewis Smith (electric guitar) Christine McLauchlan (drums) Mark MacDonald (bass guitar)  with contributions from Dylan Maddix (trumpet) Fenton Corey (trombone) Ciera DeSilva (violin) Babette Hayward (vocals)  and Diego Medina (synth).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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