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The Ballad of Losing You' from Zachary Lucky – splendidly heartfelt songs

(September 04, 2013)

When I’m in that certain frame of mind, there’s little to surpass personal, reflective examinations of lucky1love, loss and life provided by a lone singer and guitarist. The latest album, The Ballad of Losing You from Canadian singer-songwriter Zachary Lucky offers just the right mix or mournful resignation and desperate longing that conjures up a deep well of emotion to deliver a soulful brand of Canadiana folk, embellished with a wide-prairie, open-country feel.

This selection of gentle, softly delivered melodies and subdued, yet finely-focused lyrics tells engaging tales. You can’t simply listen, you need to know the outcomes. Zachary ensures you care about his narratives and characters. Good or bad, happy or sad you’re ready to engage with these songs and share their experiences. And to craft songs like that takes no mean talent.

From that first-listen, songs like the profound ‘Ramblin’ Man’s Lament’, the desperate impending loneliness of ‘After All The Month’s We’ve Shared’ and the sad recollection of ‘Woke Up’ will touch you with their expression and perceptionl. Zachary Lucky wrote all the songs on ‘The Ballad of Losing You’ with the exception of a stunning take on Townes Van Zandt’s ‘Waitin’ For The Day’.

There’s a perennial questing and searching within ‘what might have been’ songs that make all of us identify with their meaning. It’s not hard to identify with ‘The Ballad of Losing You’. And when the day comes that Zachary Lucky decides to visit these shores I’ll be there immersed in the songs and their messages.

‘The Ballad of Losing You’ releases on 17th September through Missed Connections Records.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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