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‘The Crooked Mountain Road’ from Chris Corrigan - captivating and hypnotising

(September 06, 2013)

The wealth of traditional Irish music is legend, mix in some new compositions, add sparkling tunes from Scandinavia, with innovative approaches and just a touch of electronica effects and you have ‘The Crooked Mountain The Crooked Mountain RoadRoad’ from Chris Corrigan. Equally at home either side of the sound recording desk, Chris has created with ‘The Crooked Mountain Road’ an album of captivating tunes and hypnotising blends.

Chris is currently Technical Manager of the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) and the School of Creative Arts (there’s an impressive job title for you) at Queen’s University Belfast. Lecturing in audio engineering Chris also works as a freelance audio engineer in the field of contemporary acoustic and electro-acoustic music. Adding another string to his bow (pun intended) Chris is also no mean fiddle player, as ‘The Crooked Mountain Road’ with its mix of innovative complexity and pure simplicity goes to prove.

The primary impression is unperturbed tranquillity - whatever the day has thrown at you this is the remedy. From the trad openings of ‘Missin’’ embellished with modular sound sculpture (MiSS) through the soft, flute-echoed melodies of ‘Steppin’’ and the irresistible elation of ‘Agein’’ plus electronica, to the spirited insistence of ‘Diggin’’ this is truly soothing music. It’s more than relaxing, it’s balm for your ears.

Playing alongside Chris (fiddle, harmonium) on ‘The Crooked Mountain Road’ are Steve Davis (drums) Andrew Holdsworth (piano, electric guitar, bass) Ivan Goff (uilleann pipes, flute) Úna Monaghan (concertina) Gearóid O’Duinnín (guitar) Pedro Rebelo (electronics) Franziska Schroeder (soprano Saxophone) Paul Stapleton (MiSS) and Paul Wilson (trombone).

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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