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‘Chase the Night’ from Sean Taylor - packed with gutsy music

(September 07, 2013)

'Gutsy music' – music with attitude and presence. Loud or soft, heavy or gentle; some music just Chase the Nighthas guts. Through vocals, instrumentation, delivery or subject, it matters not how it arrives but when it does you know it. ‘Chase the Night’, the latest album from Sean Taylor is packed with 'gutsy music', telling its tales as rough as they come, no dressing, no protection for those of a nervous disposition. This is deep down, blues-edged folk – it’s music with meaning that cuts to the bone.

The man can play a guitar, no doubt about that. He can also craft a sharp composition, again no question. Sean also writes finely honed lyrics that possess a savage stinging edge delivered with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel. Add equally incisive, susurrated and spoken vocals and you have an album worthy of a serious listen. The eponymous guitar-driven ‘Chase the Night’ opens and sets out Sean’s stall of insistent songs to take your attention, and like ‘Biddy Mulligans’ that follows, he lays out his view of the world he inhabits, with all that entails. As I said, this is ‘music with meaning’.    

Reflecting on relationship is a recurring theme. The pains of hard love through ‘Love Bleeds’ lays funky harmonica cuts over an intoxicating beat with lyrics that pull no punches – “Just a Cain without an Abel or a cross without a nail …”. By contrast, ‘The Road’ shows a more mellow but equally poignant examination of relationship, and the gentle observation of ‘Save Me’ with its luscious melody hooks immediately. Closing with a spoken homage to the Thames and its surrounding city, and not to be taken lightly, ‘River’ is a tough, poetic reflection.

With ‘Chase the Night’, Sean has built on the promise of his earlier work, especially ‘Love Against Death’. If you haven’t come across his music before I suggest you do and if you have then ‘Chase the Night’ will not disappoint.

You can find Sean Taylor here: and ‘Chase the Night’ releases on 23rd September 2013.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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