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‘Stay True’ from Danny & The Champions Of The World - an intense soulful collection

(September 07, 2013)

From the fields of Cropredy Festival in England, with hot August sunshine, good company and great vibes to rolling along on summertime roads with a distinct and unusual lack of traffic, listening to ‘Stay True’ from Danny & The Champions Of The World - it rarely gets better than that. So, since seeing their live Stay Trueset, for the last month or so I’ve been steadily digesting the album, and I’m here to tell you that their fusion of country, folk, rock and blues on ‘Stay True’ is an intense soulful collection that quite simply gets under your skin and stays there. The easy, laid-back delivery slides effortlessly into your ears, the tunes make your toes tap, and you become an instant fan of Danny & The Champions Of The World.

Danny George Wilson (he of the band name) writes Americana songs that feel like old friends, their messages familiar, their themes timeless with vocals that endear each one to the listener. The opening track ‘(Never Stop Building) That Old Space Rocket’ delivers exactly as expected, as do the narratives of ‘Cold, Cold World’, ‘Darlin’ Won’t You Come In From The Cold’ and the gorgeously self-effacing title track ‘Stay True’. Add to the mix a wealth of sumptuous guitars, rock-solid bass and drums, eminent saxophone and organ accents and there you have it, ‘Stay True’ another fine album from Danny & The Champions Of The World.

The band is Danny George Wilson (vocals, acoustic guitar) Chris Clarke (electric and stand-up bass, vocals, piano)  Paul Lush (electric and acoustic guitar, vocals)  Steve Brookes (drums, percussion, vocals) and Geoff Widdowson (alto and tenor saxophone, organ, vocals). For the recording of ‘Stay True’ the band were joined by Rosalie Deighton (vocals) Melvin Duffy (pedal steel) Robin Bennett (vocals, flute, piano) Joe Bennett (vocals, trumpet) Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou (vocals) Richard White (baritone saxophone) and Dave Burn (vocals). And for completeness there’s the members of Foghorn Leghorn featuring on a couple of tracks.

‘Stay True’ is released on Loose Music

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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