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‘Chasing Tales’ from Jo Bywater - delicious, laid-back blues inspired, folk-tinged Americana

(September 16, 2013)

The enticing but fleeting ‘Chasing Tales’ EP from Jo Bywater is a delicious, laid-back piece of blues inspired, folk-tinged Americana that slides effortlessly from soft expectation to hard-edged understanding. Chasing TalesThere’s a great deal to Jo Bywater and her music. This EP, although really only a taster, serves to showcase an exceptional talent. This lady can craft a tune, no doubt about it. She also writes straight-to-the-point, poetic lyrics. And she can hold you rapt with her luscious guitar work - slick licks and finger picking - plus her engaging, moody vocals.

From the inherent vitality of ‘Chopping Wood’ with its pulsating guitar drive or the intense presence of ‘Sun Shines Under Water’, to the gentle repose of ‘This Garden’ and the soft insistence of ‘Woollen Hearts’ there’s no doubt about who controls and drives these songs – spoken word or music. Want to hear someone so ‘in touch’ with their instrument the two are inextricably united? Listen to ‘Chasing Tales’.

The only problem, and it’s a small one, is how soon an EP is over. For sure you’ve shared something of Jo’s musical mind but it would be soo good to share far more. Once you listen to this EP, you’ll join me in hoping that an album can’t be far away.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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