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‘Find an Arrow’ from Troubadour Rose - humour and sadness, longing and loss

(September 19, 2013)

With some music there’s an unexpected intimacy that provokes immediate feelings of remembrance.Find an Arrow So strong is the familiar feel to the songs, there’s a sense of something lost long ago and found again, without even knowing it was lost. There’s that feel to the ever-shifting world to Troubador Rose and their debut album ‘Find an Arrow’ - influences mixed and layered, with subtle touches of humour and sadness, longing and loss.

There’s an immediate reaction on first-hearing ‘this is nu-folk’ - then again, it’s more than that. There’s a mix of inspiration and style crossed and woven throughout this debut album. These strands are laced together to provoke a certain sensuous beauty. As well as certain nu-folk elements there’s considerable traditional folk inspiration, combined with Celtic elements and faint Americana suggestions. It’s all things and everything.

Troubador Rose are Gary Bridgewood (violin) Bryony Afferson and Lizzy O’Connor (banjo, mandolin, harmonies) and Stu Richie (drums). Together they blend instrumental dexterity, stimulating harmonies and expressive vocals into an remarkable concoction. From the haunting, sweeping opener ‘Tell Me’, through the sadness and tenderness of ‘How We Pray’ to the foot-stomping narrative of ‘Six Burning Bridges’ these songs exude attraction.

‘Find an Arrow’ is released on 23 September on UK roots label Clubhouse Records.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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