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‘Sailing Over The 7th String’ from Tim Edey - perfect symbiosis between artist and instruments

(September 19, 2013)

Listening to Tim Edey playing always has the same effect – his music takes me from wherever I happen Tim Edeyto be to somewhere that’s peaceful and free from whatever current crisis happens to prevail. The expertise on the myriad of instruments to which he can turn his hand is undoubted. More importantly, there’s the ‘oneness’ Tim has with whatever instrument he picks up and whatever tunes he decides to play. For me it’s listening to a perfect symbiosis between artist and instruments, and that’s something you don’t hear every day.

On his latest album, ‘Sailing Over The 7th String’, Tim has enlisted the help of some highly talented musicians: renowned composer Steve Cooney on guitar, scintillating percussionist Lucy Randall and Scottish fiddle icon Patsy Reid. Together they round out a delicious selection of tunes that include fine traditional tunes re-arranged by Tim plus compositions from Steve Cooney, Elmer Briand and Stephen Foster (composer of ‘Old Folks at Home’). The mix runs the gamut from polkas to gypsy jazz, hornpipes to sensitive airs – a perfectly planned and executed collection.

Without running through a track list, my favourites include the iridescently percussive ‘Clooney’s Polcas’, the innovative captivation of ‘Journey to Mull’, an impressively tantalising rendition of Elmer Briand’s ‘Beautiful Lake Ainslie’, and ‘My Prayer’ a guitar duet between Tim and Steve. If, like me, you find Tim Edey’s playing irresistible then ‘Sailing Over The 7th String’ must join your collection.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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