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‘Stay’ from Peter Conway - an album that delivers on so many levels

(September 25, 2013)

Peter Conway possess one of those richly moody voices exuding obsession and sensitivity both, that just gets under your skin (in a good way that is). The result is infectious, poetic narratives that Peter Conway - Stayresonate and stay with you for some considerable time. And that leads neatly into ‘Stay’, which is Conway’s second album, and it delivers on so many levels.

Sealed within this album there’s soul-deep, Americana-tinged lyrics that relate pensive longing, sensuous understanding, fiery defiance and a ‘street-wise’ acceptance that life ain’t always a bed of roses. Framed with stunning guitars that alternate from acoustic warmth to electric energy, echoed through soulful piano and the steam-hammer emphasis of precise percussion, this album delivers luscious melodies replete with irresistible hooks.

The songs on ‘Stay’ develop and grow as you listen, each one telling its story without losing your attention for a moment. Self-describing ‘Stay’ as songs about ‘love, intimacy and human relationships’ Conway lays bare his soul for all to see. From the first, with the brooding vocals and ripping guitar on ‘Found My Faith in You’, through the hard experience of ‘Broken Shoes’, to the potent depths of ‘Without You Next To Me’, this album takes you along with its writer and performer on a passion-filled journey.

With not a single ‘filler’ in sight the flow of songs is totally engaging. For me the stand-outs are the anthemic defiance and resistant hope locked in ‘Hey Johnny (Always Remember Your Dreams)’ and ‘Call Out Across America’ – (some guy called Bruce would love to have written them). There’s also the eternal belief of ‘Hear Me Now’ and the simple yearning of ‘Genevieve (Light Inside)’.

Peter Conway ‘speaks from the heart’ through powerful songs that ‘tell it how it is’ - if ‘Stay’ is where it is then you’ll soon find that you’re ready to go there. ‘Stay’ is currently only on limited edition CD release and not yet available to be downloaded digitlly, so to get your copy go to Peter's website:

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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