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‘Quadrants’ from Two Coats Colder - powerful songs to make you think

(September 29, 2013)

It takes a lot for a song to ‘reach’ me so profoundly. Now, I freely admit to not bawling my eyes out but listening to ‘Six Thousand Miles’ from Two Coats Colder with its combination of piercing lyric and Quadrantshauntingly delicate vocal was a stunning experience. You can find that song on the EP ‘Quadrants’ the latest from the aforesaid Two Coats Colder. I have said previously that EPs either finish just in time or leave you in anticipation of the album that must surely follow - personally I cannot wait for the full album from Two Coats Colder.

Two Coats Colder (love the name - which apparently comes from a comment that ‘in winter it’s two coats colder round here’) are Ray Taylor (acoustic guitar, vocals) Anna Bass (12-string guitar, Indian harmonium, vocals) David Baird (mandolin, vocals) and Chris Bullen (bass guitar, electric guitar) a ‘progressive acoustic folk band performing a mix of self-penned, traditional and contemporary songs’ and together they create something rather magical. That’s their ability to write songs that hit on issues and problems that impact on us all today yet have the feel that they were written hundreds of years ago. This is ‘living tradition’ worked into the lives will all live today, and that makes these songs eternally appealing and at the same time part of ‘memory’ with permanent ‘presence’.

‘Quadrants’ is a sublimely competent recording filled with ever-echoing melodies, piercingly poignant lyrics and ear-appealing vocals. From the whale-aware and emotion-wracked ‘Six Thousand Miles’ through the harsh scrutiny of communities fighting for freedom in ‘Mirage’ to the deeply-felt pain of the patient sufferer in ‘Cinderella Waltz’ – Two Coats Colder write powerful songs to make you think, and think hard.

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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