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‘Finding Love’ from Sunny and Boo-Boo - unafraid to experiment

(September 29, 2013)

Pinning down the music of Sunny and Boo-Boo is somewhat like trying to catch squirrels under a Finding Loveblanket – just when you think you have it, it’s off in another direction. Their album ‘Finding Love’ offers a many-layered melange of styles and approaches that strangely enough actually work as a whole. Known in the real world as Matthew Onn and Natasha Broadhurst, they have progressed from a duo making music with an acoustic guitar and electric organ, to a four-piece with with Mark Stoneman  (drums) and Michael Emmett (harmonica). They are clearly unafraid to experiment with an extensive range of instruments, effects and vocal touches.

The songs on ‘Finding Love’ range freely across a complex musical landscape that includes ethereal acoustic, experimental electric, loose arrangements and structured harmonies. There are some intriguing compositions - the album opener, ‘Whipped Back’ with its amalgam of styles, the harmonic meanderings of ‘The Garden’, the strangely haunting ‘Eloisa and Abelard’  and the deep uncertainty of ‘James Joyce’.

Throughout ‘Finding Love’ there are alt-folk revelations, disturbances and disclosures. There’s the expected freedom to experiment with creative soundscapes - consider the idiosyncratic bi-lingual chanting of ‘Hemmingway’ and then there’s angry guitar-driven narrative of ‘Shut The Fuck Up’ – a somewhat incongruous song title from a band with a name like a children’s cartoon. Then again, if it works for you, do it. And there's a lot on this album that works -

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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