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‘3 Penny Postcard’ from Sugardrum - picturesque narrative-intense songs

(October 01, 2013)

Nigel Bunner writes and performs poetic, picturesque narrative-intense songs built on delicate, almost 3 Penny Postcardfragile melodies that hover around your ears with a soft concentration that lures you into their embrace. And it’s a clasp that you cannot fail to relish. Writing and performing as his solo project, Sugardrum, Nigel releases a new EP, ‘3 Penny Postcard’ in November 2013. As with his previous work, the ethereal other-worldliness remains but there’s an added expressiveness to the lyrics. Sugardrum still offers subtle harmonies, fingerpicked guitar plus intriguing accents from cello and glockenspiel.

As well as providing the vocals, Nigel handles guitar, Rhodes piano, glockenspiel, synths and programming, working along with him on ‘3 Penny Postcard’ and deserving of recognition are Beth (cello, vocals) Nick (drums) Matt (bass) and Steve (piano). Although only a four-track EP this is best described as a complete offering that shows why these songs are so appealing.

It’s powerfully touching that ‘Choccy Rolls’ the opener on the EP, with its theme of dementia, mirrors its impact on the lives of Nigel’s parents following an horrific car accident - demanding lyric and straight to the heart; while the image of lost confidence and need for resolution in ‘Fallen Guru’ is equally penetrating.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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