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‘Lay Your Dark Low’ - striking debut album from SALT HOUSE

(October 16, 2013)

An album replete with lilting seductive vocals, captivating melody-intense tunes built around Salt House albumoutstanding musicianship, imaginative and striking self-penned songs blended with tradition – that’s ‘Lay Your Dark Low’ the debut album from SALT HOUSE.

The coming together of talented, established musicians can set the path to create something brilliant or too often fall into formula for disaster. It all depends on how the talents, styles and personalities fit with each other, the vital interaction of direction and desire, creation and constancy. With ‘Lay Your Dark Low’ Scottish acoustic four-piece SALT HOUSE prove they have the blend just right with a mix of influences and styles that has forged a profoundly rewarding album.

Together, Siobhan Miller (vocals, harmonium) Ewan MacPherson (guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals) Lauren MacColl (viola, fiddle) and Euan Burton (double bass) deliver a collection of meaningful narratives that draw deep on tradition to create a passion that lingers long.

There’s an emphatically, meaningful Ewan MacPherson song ‘Strong Dark Souls’ delivered by Siobhan’s delicious voice, the mournful devotion of ‘She’s Like A Swallow’ and the joyous and sonorous ‘Setting Sun’. My favourites are a deeply haunting version of ‘Katie Cruel’ built around an evocative tune with more softly enduring vocals and the uninhibited narrative of ‘The Seer & The Lord’.

‘Lay Your Dark Low’ releases on 11th November 2013 through Proper Music Distribution and Highlander Distribution. You can find SALT HOUSE

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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