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'CE MONDE ICI-BAS’ - De Temps Antan - enough power to drive a nuclear furnace

(October 20, 2013)

When I first came across De Temps Antan way back in 2005, I remarked to a friend that if you could CE MONDE ICI-BASremain seated during their performance you were either dead-drunk or dead. The latest album, 'CE MONDE ICI-BAS’ from De Temps Antan, that is the Québécois trio Éric Beaudry, André Brunet and Pierre-Luc Dupuis, continues to reinforce that opinion. Overflowing with stunning musicianship and spectacular playing, this album serves up another magnificent slice of Quebec’s musical heritage combined with the trio’s own self-penned compositions. 

De Temps Antan offer their brand of traditional folk adapted with inventive contemporary touches, this is music delivered with oodles of enthusiasm and enough power to drive a nuclear furnace. Blindingly fast, fiendishly complex and eternally engaging, this music takes you out of yourself to somewhere altogether enthralling. And for much needed respite, betwixt the bouts of energy recline the soothing tones of subtle songs. So you speak not a word of French, the language of their songs, that matters not one jot the passion pours through whatever the language.

From the opening expectation of Mépriseuse de garçons’ and the whirlwind that is ‘Medley des couches’ this album seizes your ears. There’s also the melodious vocals of ‘Adieu donc cher cœur’, the sedate progress of ‘L'américa’ and the beautiful ‘Valse St-Sévère’, and to get those feet tapping once more, relish the exuberance of ‘Les 3 archets’ and ‘Méli-mélo’.

Do yourself a favour, get a copy of 'CE MONDE ICI-BAS’ from De Temps Antan, better yet, go and see them live on their short tour of the UK and Ireland in January 2014 - and when you’re listening to that talented Canadien français trio should anyone nearby remain immobile, check their pulse.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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