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‘Nowhere Is The Place For Me’ by Alec Morrison - raw, gutsy and as tough as it gets

(November 02, 2013)

I’ve always been fascinated to music that pushes or breaks boundaries, it’s an integral part of my ‘nothing Nowhere Is The Place For Meis fixed’ approach. So when I heard ‘Nowhere Is The Place For Me’ by Canadian musician, poet and artist Alec Morrison I was hooked. With a distinct, hard-hitting folk-punk feel he delivers songs that pack a potent punch.

No easy listening here. This is raw, gutsy and as tough as it gets. Lyrics that tell it exactly how the writer sees it, whether you’re happy with that or not. Tunes that cut through with a chainsaw edge and just as much muscle. And messages that leave you in no doubt as to their meaning.

From the first exposure to Alec’s driving sound ‘Past The Point Of No Return, which lays out his aggressive guitar style and idiosyncratic vocal, through the insistent‘2 A.M. Toast’ there’s no way you can’t become involved. These songs seize you with their hard-as-granite lyrics delivered with formidable, gravelled vocals. Uncompromising and attention grabbing, the songs on ‘Nowhere Is The Place For Me’ expose one man’s view on many issues that resonate with us all. Issues that demand a songwriter with the courage to put them into words. Listen to ‘Satellites And Drones’ or ‘Smile On The City’ and ‘On A Page Brand New’ and then tell me you haven’t had those thoughts cross your mind on more than one occasion.

You’ll find Alec Morrison here: 'Nowhere Is The Place For Me’ is an album you should hear – you may not find it gentle but you will find it meaningful. And if you're anywhere near New Liskeard, Ontario on Friday 13 December you should catch the CD release show - if I could I would.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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