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‘The Witches Recall’ from Darvra’s Wave - dipping into a wide-ranging mix

(November 04, 2013)

Yet again the true eclecticism that is folk music shines through – and I’m talking about the debut album ‘The The Witches RecallWitches Recall’ from Darvra’s Wave. Taking their name from the rich treasure of Irish mythology, specifically ‘The Children Of Lir’ - four children turned into swans on Lake Darvra by their wicked stepmother - there’s more than a touch of Ireland’s inspiration in their music. Along with an inherent Celtic influence there’s also oodles of jazz, classical, rock and pop flying around – dipping into a wide-ranging mix that pools to give this band an intriguing edge.

Songwriter, singer and guitarist Peter Heffron has a distinctive voice that adds much, whistle and sax player Josie Simmons and Antonia Pagulatos on fiddle weave a tapestry on enticing melodies, while bass player Kevin Glasgow and drummer Joshua Law lay down the band’s solid beating heart.

Opening with the vibrant and instantly memorable ‘Joy To You’ carried by soaring vocals and superb whistle accents, the band ranges through the driving insistence of ‘Don’t Kick the Cat’ with its powerhouse rhythm section in top gear, the salutary advice in ‘Think Twice’, which although definitely its own song, offers a gentle nod in the direction of Farewell My Lovely. They offer a classic urge to dance intrinsic to reels and jigs with ‘Sack of Spuds/ Grogan’s’ to more seductive contemplation through the sumptuous ‘Song For Dave’ with luscious and vibrant sax, to the ominously haunting ‘Back O’Beyond’ complete with its sinuous melody, tolling bells and howling wolves.

With their innovative approach the promise is there – ‘The Witches Recall’ from Darvra’s Wave is ample evidence. Find them here:

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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