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‘Corner Of My Eye’ from Lowri Evans ­– nothing rushed

(November 11, 2013)

There’s a subtle and endearing beauty, that despite the melancholy, surrounds the songs on ‘Corner Of My Eye’ from Lowri Evans. The soft endearment of her breathy vocals, sympathetic acoustic guitarcorner of my eyemelodies and a distinct mix of influences make this album supremely listenable. There’s also a purity of simplicity to her heartfelt songs that catches you each time, and each time you return to ‘Corner Of My Eye’ there’s yet more to hear.

Lowri explores widely through her music. You go with her as she quests across the gamut of feelings – love, loss, sadness, hope and deliverance. You can hear changes wandering freely between folk, Americana, blues and country. And throughout there are those tiny moments with a profound touch. There’s the title track, which along with its sense of loss offers the security of recollection, the understanding of ‘Because of You, and the empathy of ‘Can’t Say for Sure’. There’s the hope and resignation ‘Hello Love’, by contrast ‘Easy and Slow’ expounds a more practical edge to dealing with relationships.

‘Corner Of My Eye’ does nothing in a rush and takes time todeliver its message – all the same it’s worth waiting.

Alongside Lowri on ‘Corner Of My Eye’ are Lee Mason (electric, acoustic and bass guitar, Hammond, vocals) Tom Sansbury (electric and double bass) John Honour (drums, percussion, backing vocals) Martin Simpson (electric slide and Dobro guitar) Andy Cutting (accordion) Nerys Richards (cello) Angharad Jenkins (fiddle) and Phoebe Partridge (backing vocals).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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