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‘Endless Serenade’ by Norwegian singer-songwriter Silje Leirvik

(November 14, 2013)

This is an unusual album replete with mood-filled, expressive vocals, delivered by a seductive voice Siljeacross a complex tapestry of sound woven with elements of folk-pop and soft rock fusion. It’s ‘Endless Serenade’ by Norwegian singer-songwriter Silje Leirvik, and it will either seduce your ears or ease you into somnolence, simple as that.

That ever-present Nordic fascination with the mystical and faintly ethereal pervades the lyrics and colours the themes. There are moods of love, loss, permanence and fragility. There are multi-layered sound experiences that slide between soft, wavering ambient seduction and pulsing pop-tinged drive.

From the enigmatic ‘Glass Of Water’ through the insistent hooks of ‘Silver & Gold’ to the wavering echoes of ‘Black Heart’ and the wistful wraithlike ‘When In The Water’ there’s a melange of acoustic piano, drum machines, synths, electric and pedal steel guitars, Hammond organ, Rhodes piano and mellotron. The ballad that is ‘Leah’s Song’ spreads Silje’s vocal wings across the ebb and flow of its musical waves, while the resonantly haunting ‘And Then Love Came’ radiates a strange foreboding - interesting.

Some will adore the impenetrable depths of ‘Endless Serenade’ and relish what they find, while others will shy away from its intensities and that would be a shame.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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