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‘Into The Dark’ from Laura Cortese - truly idiosyncratic and eminently different

(November 14, 2013)

There’s a powerful string-driven richness that surrounds the perceptively unrelenting lyrics of ‘Into The Dark’ from Laura Cortese. This album took a while to find me - and the wait was worth it. This is subtle Americana infused with components of classical Laura Corteseand elements of rock – each blended with a perceptive touch to create a truly idiosyncratic and eminently different sound.

The soundscape that Lauara creates breathes life into her songs, through sharply observant lyrics and her deeply impassioned vocals. Listen to the disturbing narrative of ‘For Catherine’ – a song with heart-felt lyrics that hang in the air with desperate sadness to wrench a shudder from your soul, the contrasting positive power of ‘Into the Dark’ or the intensely human storytelling drama of ‘Brown Wrinkled Dress’ – and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Laura continues to use strongly narrative edged, eloquent lyrics to tell tales through ‘Village Green’, the fiddle-led traditional ‘Train on the Island’ and the deep intensity of ‘I Am The House’ - expressive vocals and seductive weave of strings take the listener close to a musical nirvana. And for the compulsive toe-tappers out there, Laura treats you to her take on ‘Heel To Toe’ by Boston roots musician Sean Staples.

With ‘Into the Dark’, fiddler and songwriter Laura Coetse has delivered an individual album that’s remarkably impressive.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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