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‘The Cauld Wind’ from fiddle and pipes duo Chris Stout and Finlay MacDonald

(November 20, 2013)

These are moments to treasure’ - that’s the lasting impression prompted by listening to ‘The Cauld Wind’ from fiddle and pipes duo Chris Stout and Finlay MacDonald. It’s an album that The Cauld Windreflects an enduring tradition, reveals new compositions and displays the consummate skill of the performers. Rousing marches, sparkling jigs, revealing airs – whatever your pleasure with the pipes and fiddle you will find it here, and this album will without doubt become a favourite.

From the melodically moving opener ‘The Loch Macleod’  through the innate intensity and lively momentum of ‘Borve Castle’ and the enigmatically titled ‘Dull and Boring’ (which it’s not) to the sombre splendour of ‘Fionn’s’ and the deep dignity and inspiration of ‘Border Crossing’ - these tunes wholly enchant. From start to finish ‘The Cauld Wind’ is an experience to savour.

As an apposite closer, Chris and Finlay deliver a gorgeous rendition of Captain Stuart D. Samson’s (one-time Pipe Major of the Gordon Highlanders) imposing piobairreachd ‘Land of Bens and Glens and Heroes’ – shivers down the spine time!

‘The Cauld Wind’ was recorded at the Mareel concert hall in the Shetland Islands, and entirely captures the living essence of fiddle and pipes. Moving through haunting, vibrant, poignant and tender – there’s nothing more to ask from ‘The Cauld Wind’ than precisely what you receive.

Find ‘The Cauld Wind’ here: and through Proper Music and Highlander Distribution.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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