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‘The Call’ from Dodson and Fogg - the latest pause on the journey

(December 12, 2013)


The Callmusical inventor, Chris Wade, I’ve feel I’ve participated in a mesmerising adventure. With each successive release the extended inventiveness and undiluted creativity that personifies Dodson and Fogg surpasses the previous offering. The latest pause on the journey is ‘The Call’, another foray into this distinctive brand of psychedelia-tinged, progressive folk-rock.

 ‘The Call’ opens with the cries of gulls (always an evocative sound) and slides gently into the embrace of ‘Mystery’ and you’re in established territory - layered soundscapes, intimate melodies and wraithlike vocals. Then the driving bass lines, echoing guitars and enveloping synths of ‘Watch The Skies’ kick in with more essential Dodson and Fogg. The sitar-edged ‘Suddenly’ and guitar-driven ‘Late For The Party’ complete with its deeply disquieting distortion, add another dimension, as does the philosophical softness of  ‘I Remember’ and by clear contrast the guitar fury of the title track ‘The Call’.

Once again, the leading light and apparently boundless inspiration for Dodson and Fogg comes from Chris Wade (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, flute, violin) and contributing their talents to ‘The Call’ are Ricky Romain (sitar) Chloe Herington of Knifeworld (sax) Colin Jones (trumpet) and Celia Humphris of Trees (vocals).

Since discovering Dodson and Fogg, I’ve heard the inevitable Pink Floyd comparisons. There’s also accusations of harking back to an extinct musical style, or emulating a long-gone genre. Both observations are immaterial - there’s no copying here, no reliance on re-hashed history. This is vital, inspired, relevant, organic music.

I’ve been told that Dodson and Fogg isn’t folk - depends on the flexibility of your defintions - not a problem for me (and they may have a point). I’ve also been asked why a folk site reviews Dodson and Fogg – (see above answer) it’s because I enjoy the experience of listening and think other people might too. And I hope it's only time before a lot more people come to appreciate Dodson and Fogg.

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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