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‘Hunter’s Moon’ by Calum Stewart and Heikki Bourgault – simply breath-taking

(December 19, 2013)

Music inspires a whole range of thoughts – happy, sad, good, bad – whatever memories you have locked away it’s a fair bet that music will arouse some of them. For me the overwhelming Hunters Moonevocation that comes from ‘Hunter’s Moon’ by Calum Stewart and Heikki Bourgault is a breath-taking recollection of mid-summer evening in Skye, long, long ago.  Pick your own memory and let this celebratory album bring it to life.

Scotsman Calum Stewart has established an enviable place among contemporary and traditional instrumentalists, while Breton Heikki Bourgault holds a similar place among exponents of the open-tuned guitar. Together they have travelled across their combined musical heritage and already delivered a remarkable debut album, now with ‘Hunter’s Moon’ their journey continues.

Combining the richly independent Celtic influence and enduring traditions of Scotland with the fearlessness and expression of Breton music, this album fashions links and tears down borders. This intensely forged amalgam of heritage and inspiration soaks up the essence provided by the deep wells of legacy that each brings with them. From the outset this iridescent music holds you rapt - ‘Lough Gowna’ is a slice of inspired tradition, Calum’s mesmerizingly evocative ‘Schottishe Kerlou’ is a truly sumptuous treat, while their dreamy joint composition ‘Another Winter’ holds all the spirit of that season in its melody. Among the many other outstanding tracks there’s the delightful and thoroughly absorbing ‘suite traditionelle’ that is ‘La Légende de la Cane’ and the title track ‘Hunter’s Moon’, that overflows with intensity and passion.

This album can only enhance the reputation of two stunning musicians, and leave a permanent reminder with everyone that hears it. ‘Hunter’s Moon’ releases in 2014 - 17 January (France) and 24 January (UK).  Find details here:

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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