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‘Six’ from Blazin’ Fiddles - "both tantalizing and intoxicating"

(January 06, 2014)

This is visceral music. Possessed of life and energy, passion and sympathy, steeped in culture and heritage to evoke deep-seated sentiment. The sparsely titled ‘Six’ from Blazin’ Fiddles has a SIXquality that makes the spirit rise. Truly blazing reels rub shoulders with stately marches, waltzes sit alongside mournful airs, lively Cape Breton influences combine with Irish and Shetland tunes into a blend that is both tantalizing and intoxicating.

The amalgam that is Blazin’ Fiddles combines fiddlers Jenna Reid, Bruce MacGregor, Allan Hendersonand Iain Macfarlanewith Anna Massieguitar and fiddle and Angus Lyonkeyboards to create an evocative musical concoction of enticement and expression. There’s the vibrant opening collection ‘The Lads Like Beer’ featuring twinkling tunes from James Hill and Gideon Stove, the Cape Breton magic of ‘Joe Peter’s’ and the lovingly delivered waltz and minuet of ‘Mama, Come let’s Dance’.

This blending of tradition with innovation reflects the magnetism of ‘Six -’ listen to ‘The Diplodocus’ mixing Irish and Quebecois, ‘Far O’er Struy’ through retreat march to quickstep, the vivacious energy of Shetland reels in ‘Colgrave Soond’ and the stirring air ‘The Marquis of Hunty’s Snuff Mill’.

Blazin’ Fiddles exhibit an enthusiasm for tradition and fearlessness to innovate - ‘Six’ is a classic example of their art.

Find them here: Album release date: 3 February 2014.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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