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‘Sunshine Street’ from The Men With Strong Arms - an intriguing mix

(January 15, 2014)

There’s a pervading sense of serious well-being that seeps through the music of The Men With Sunshine Street picStrong Arms when you listen to their mini-album ‘Sunshine Street’. This album reflects an intriguing mix of poetic, perceptive lyrics, folky-jazz, overlaid with bluesy-funked Americana, laced with contemplative vocals … and if that little lot doesn’t spark your interest then not much will I guess.

With a strong ‘live-act’ reputation in their home town of Brighton, the musicianship on ‘Sunshine Street’ is as slick as you like with tight-as-a-tick harmonies hitting each song spot on. The band are Jonlondon, Andrew McCabe and Paul Gunter, who have a pretty eclectic musical pedigree, evidence of which pours through every song. Take time with the band’s eponymous ‘Men With Strong Arms’ – a challenging but truthful lyric, the lush invitation of ‘Precious Times’complete with its sense of precious short-lived instants, and the simple yet touching human-life narrative of ‘Sunshine Street’.

As with all good EPs and mini albums you’re just getting into it when the damn thing stops. A pity there’s only six tracks but that's no problem, listening to ‘Sunshine Street’ it will be a huge surprise to me if another, perhaps longer recording, doesn’t follow hot on its heels.

The Men With Strong Arms are Jonlondon (lead vocals, guitars, kazoo) Andrew McCabe (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Paul Gunter (drums, percussion, backing vocals) on ‘Sunshine Street’ they’re joined by Nial Brown (keyboards on track one).

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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