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‘Take My Hand’ by Grady Kelneck - songs you’ll want to hear

(January 22, 2014)

Grady Kelneck possesses one of those clear voices that you’d swear you’ve heard before, the Grady-Kelneck_Take-My-Hand-essence of his vocals are timeless and cut through whatever else is going on to beg your attention. On first-hearing you’ll almost certainly stop what you’re doing and listen, and that will be the right thing to do because these are songs you’ll want to hear.

Folk music thrives on singer songwriters of Grady’s calibre and this album should enter the collection of every folk fan. Aside from its position on the album, the eponymous ‘Take My Hand’ is begging to pour out of a car radio - sunlight on the windshield and some distance under your wheels - yep it’s that catchy. By contrast, ‘I’ll Shoot You Down’ offers more thoughtful reflection, ‘There’s No Time For Crying’ makes its point through a finely struck guitar while the simple, inspired narrative of ‘The Answer, The Way, The Life’ makes a point worth hearing.

Soft, tenor-voiced vocals and sharp-as-sunlight melodies hook your ears. ‘Take My Hand’ evokes more than a suggestion of classic contemplative folk song writers. There’s experience and incident, waiting and wandering, a touch of road-tripping overlaid with a sense of ‘being there’. Songs like ‘Hey Lee’, ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ and ‘The Road’ carried me back thousands of miles and so many years ago.

Listen to ‘Take My Hand’ and see where it takes you. The journey will be worth the effort.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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