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‘Remember This’ from Nudie, themes that are personal, real-world and acutely focused

(January 31, 2014)


Nudie - remember this The overriding essence generated through ‘Remember This’ from Nudie is authentic performance. Listening to this album reminds me of long ago, kicking back in a favourite bar watching a man on stage delivering simple songs straight from the heart. The themes are personal, real-world and acutely focused, nothing over the top and nothing that doesn’t need to be there. This is a man in control of his stories and his music.

This solo debut album is a piece of contemporary country-edged Americana. It has a 'new-old' almost timeless feel. It's of a time and also of today. The lyrics reflect a deep sense of ‘everyman’. The songs strike chords to touch an audience. These are songs discovering the human condition, songs that are so easy to identify with.

From the get go, ‘If A Heart Could Tell’, augmented by delicious harmonies from Molly Rankin, sets you straight into the heart of this album. The sombre narrative of ‘You Try To Be Right’ rides high across pedal steel guitar, expressing the fear of finding out a cheating partner, while the tear-jerker that is ‘Fiona’ keeps the mood in place. There’s a lighter touch to the resigned acceptance of ‘Why Do We Keep Hanging On?’ – listen as the two characters try hard to work out and understand their problems. Favourite tracks will be the ones that touch you the most - me, I loved the straightforward honesty of ‘I Miss The Love (But I Don’t Miss You)’ - if only every relationship review was as honest.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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