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'Fumes and Faith' by Luke Jackson - a meaningful milestone on an expressive journey

(February 01, 2014)

Luke Jackson is without doubt one of the most promising young artist we’ve heard in a long time. His second album 'Fumes and Faith' builds on the promise of his debut release - if anything thefumesandfaith_shop voice has matured becoming even more soulful, sombre narratives flow more intensely and some of the striking exposures have a slightly voyeuristic feel as the storylines unfold. The album has a distinct bluesy-Americana feel built around the unadorned interaction between muted guitar and subtle bass with impressive and fluently placed, staccato percussive support.

These are songs that tell deeply affecting tales. The lyrics of ‘Father and Son’ hit hard, equal portions of hope and despair, sharing experience and feeling the pain. Never self-pitying, intensely affecting. Filled with powerful angst, the title track ‘Fumes and Faith’ follows another darkening narrative exalting the effort in making the best of what you’ve got. A shattering and desperate sense of premonition feeds through the hope of ‘Out Of Time’- no punches pulled and full on realisation - Jackson certainly pours power into his lyrics and presence into his tunes. The precise portrayal of longing in ‘Buried Dreams’ holds nothing back instead it lays its anguish bare and hangs out its aching hurt for all to hear.

There’s something about the intensity of the stories that Jackson lays down that makes them need to be heard. Sometimes the sorrowful existence and reality-reflections in his character portrayals get so hard it’s difficult to keep in mind this is a young man singing not someone carrying the scars of experience and years. ‘Fumes and Faith’ is a meaningful milestone on an expressive journey - showing just how far he’s come and signposting the distance his music has the potential to take him.

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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