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‘Strangers We Meet’ debut EP from The Black Feathers

(February 05, 2014)

Singer/songwriters Ray Hughes and Sian Chandler are The Black Feathers, together they Black Feathers album covercombine essential essences of English folk with Americana influences and a soupcon of rock inspired melodies in their debut EP ‘Strangers We Meet’ – and if I’ve heard more alluring vocals on a first recording I cannot recall when. The overwhelming impression that strikes you are gorgeous close harmonies – two voices paired to perfection.

As is often remarked about EPs, you either reflect that the few tracks were sufficient or you’re left wishing there was more to hear. ‘Strangers We Meet’ provides a snapshot of The Black Feathers that leaves you wanting to continue the experience. The title track ‘Strangers We Meet’ is quite simply beautiful, softly struck guitar, mellow bass and a moving lyric: “And it’s hard to remember strangers we meet, when we’re all washed away in the rain.”

Take ’10,000 Times’ - more powerful, more instruments, more involving - a folk rock mix that simply works. Then listen to another pairing of those voices on ‘Open Book’ with its finely expressive lyrics or the gentle touch of ‘You Will Be Mine’ and finally a slice of bluegrass edged Americana that is ‘All Came Down’ - “... and I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, that’s why I’m forfeiting the game.”

Ray and Sian write impressive songs worthy of wide attention. Were I to be harsh I could say it’s a shame they gave us only five to savour, then again with this EP under their belts an album must be waiting in the wings. Surely. 

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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