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Self-titled album from ItsAcoustica – easy folk, blues and country mix

(February 10, 2014)

Sometimes an album opens with a decidedly intriguing and instantly engaging track, when it does it’s always a bonus. Some ignore the opener, often secreting the ‘best bits’ elsewhere. On occasion, the lead track ItsAcousticais at odds with what follows and doesn’t represent the rest of the album. ‘Hanging By A Thread’ with its fascinating voice/ violin combination opens the self-titled album from ItsAcoustica, which pretty much fits the first point above. The musicianship is accomplished, melodies involving, vocals clear and precise yet the album has an overall impression tending more towards ‘easy listening’ rather than ‘cutting edge’.

The album primarily reveals a wealth of personal accounts, ‘Books We’ll Never Read Again’ examining the minutiae of life, another albeit different looking-back theme with ‘Home’ and the Americana-coloured call for understanding in ‘Nowhere Near’. The sharply crafted ‘Talking in American’ explores another view of personal introspection while ‘Steal The Time Away’ reflects on racing against time; these two along with the opener, rank among the best the album has to offer. As a contrast, there’s one track slightly at odds with the album's overall impression, an interesting, wider narrative called ‘Hannah’ relating the story of Pennine Dale farming recluse Hannah Hauxwell, made famous by book and television.

Listen to ItsAcoustica (not the easiest name to work with) and make up your own mind. It’s an album that’s never going to offend. It’s safe and comforting, predictable if you will. There are a few nuggets that stand out and you will certainly find good music but you may not be inspired.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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