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‘Scattered Keeses’ debut EP from Rusty Boxx - acoustic, alternative explorative folk

(February 13, 2014)

Have you heard Rusty Boxx (with double x)? Well you’re probably going to. Their distinctly interesting debut EP ‘Scattered Keeses’ due for release 31 March on Oh Mercy! Records. With Scattered Keeses by Rusty Boxxhauntingly intoned vocals, their music evokes a ‘summer of love’ folk-feel for those of us old enough to recall the sound. Couple that to a finely textured yet uncomplicated musical web with a rather luscious feel and you’ve got some understanding of their take on acoustic, alternative explorative folk.

The EP opens with ‘Must be for You’, which represents a fair introduction to the band - a faintly pastoral lead vocal combined with a layer of echoing harmonies; a similar essence eases its way through the next track ‘Fortitude’. Their music offers an engaging level of abundance plus a certain sleek attraction, listen to ‘Boy by the River’. Rusty Boxx lay down an evocative edge to their songs, persistently conveying faint reminiscences of past-times yet remaining essentially contemporary, ‘Wall Of Fans’ is a prime example.

Rusty Boxx possess an individual sound that much is certain. One tiny concern fluttered through my mind as to how their sound will develop and the avenues they’ll choose to explore, especially when working across a full album. Should their breadth and depth not expand will listeners feel equally enchanted with maybe a dozen or so songs in this vein? The potential is certainly there though, a video on their website offers a taste of a song called ‘Hope’,  which certainly augers well.

The Rusty Boxx line-up is Ross Ankers (guitar, banjo, lead vocals) Ellen Ankers (vocals) Chris Alford (shruti box, vocals) and Chris Bleach (guitar, bass, vocals).

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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