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‘Always Remember Your Dreams’ - stripped back, unplugged acoustic - Peter Conway and his band

(March 07, 2014)

Peter Conway - pianoLast night I was immersed in magic. Not the incantation and ritual kind.different character. The lights were low, the atmosphere special, enchantment worked its way. This magic was conjured by the mesmerising voice of Peter Conway. Some artists put heart and soul into a song, this man pours all of himself, every fibre, every sinew, every essence of his being and spirit into each syllable and note. And along with a small, yet totally captivated audience, we soaked up everything the evening had to offer.

FolkWords first reviewed Peter’s album ‘Stay’ back in September 2013  followed by a personal interview and an ‘Album of the Month’ award. Our discussions brought us a little closer to this enigmatic, complex, discerning and pure, visionary artist. The absolute privilege of hearing Peter sing live and unplugged took place in the intimate setting of former BBC building on Marylebone High Street, now occupied by Theatre Delicatessen.

The evening began with a short intriguing film ‘Always Remember Your Dreams’ by film maker and photographer Hannah Anketell, documenting the making of ‘Stay’. Through her film, Hannah exposed a tiny part of the man behind the vision, offering a hint of the depths of spiritual feeling and human love decanted into creating Stay.

During the evening Peter and his band, Russel Smith (guitar) and Phil De Hovre (double bass) performed a selection of ‘stripped back’ unplugged acoustic songs from the album, each one telling its cut-to-the-bone story holding the audience rapt. From ‘Stay’ itself through the power of ‘Found My Faith in You’ and ‘Hear Me Now’ the raw presence within ‘It Ain’t Over (Not For Me)’ to the delicious ‘Call Out Across America’, each song laid bare his soul, and all shared their souls in return. And throughout his unique voice – ranging from sensuous murmurings to full-on agonised exclamation – made its indelible mark.

If there’s any justice ‘Stay’ must become a landmark album for Peter. It’s a passion-filled voyage that’s simply too hard to ignore. It’s one man’s expedition that must lead to yet untrodden passages of realisation. You can find Stay and Peter Conway here:

And when he gains richly warranted, wider and undoubted acclaim, some of us can say ‘we knew him when’.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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