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‘More Love and Happiness’ Clela Errington - a startlingly pure amalgam

(March 10, 2014)

Folk fusion of any variety offers the potential for perfect blend or flawed dissonance, ‘More Love and Happiness’ the latest album from Canadian singer-songwriter Clela Errington offers the Clela Errington new albumformer to an opulent level of perfection. With her bold blend of folk and jazz she delivers a consistently engaging album that explores the genres and effects a startlingly pure amalgam. With a voice that’s equally at home and proficient in both folk narrative and jazz exploration, Clela takes a similar route with the music allowing it to range freely and find its own level around her vocals.

The songs have their own essence that makes the album ‘live’. It opens with the soft longing encapsulated in the eponymous title track ‘More Love and Happiness’ that makes its simple statement. There’s the message within ‘Angels on the Radio’ that talks about songs that ‘get you deep inside’ … and fulfilling promise of its narrative, it does just that with the simplicity of Clela on vocals and guitar. The unreserved ‘White Dove’ as it offers a haunting harmonies, over a ‘living-breathing’ pulsing rhythm to build a multi-layered song that intrigues and fascinates; by contrast a laid-back bluesy tone, with soft sultry vocals surrounding a web of keyboards and slide guitar creates ‘Open Up My Heart’ and then the yielding power of ‘In The Mercy of Your Love’ offers hard hitting lyrics that cut deep and leave their mark long after the song ends.

Just for good measure there’s ‘band mix’ of ‘Angels on the Radio’ that expands the guitar and vocal only version into a more complex song with a fuller sound, just so you can hear what a damn fine song it really is. I soaked up the beauty of this album and will doubtless be playing it for a long time to come.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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