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‘Judas’ - Gary Fulton - sharply observant lyrics that bite

(March 10, 2014)

I like Gary Fulton’s songs. He writes lyrics that bite. Somewhat understated, without fuss or furore his judas album - gary fultonsongs are nonetheless sharply observant. Subtly crafted, absorbing melodies carry their message. His latest album, ‘Judas’ is a selection of self-penned songs that convey a spectrum of messages from dark and slightly disturbing inspections to sharply uncompromising reflections. There’s little embellishment and nothing included that doesn’t need to be there, this is quietly powerful, building in presence each time you listen.

The album opens with the acid-sharp examination of ‘Judas’ - a strong emotive narrative, no less powerful is the preoccupation and reflection of ‘Riddles’ and ‘Illumination’ complete with more lacerating lyrics and utterly infectious melodies. ‘Salt River’ kicks in and delivers a pensive memory brought to life - complete with ‘hisses and crackles’ and silky harmony vocal, before the balladic narrative of ‘Salem Town’ tells its tale of life and the percussive, somnolent questions and echoes that frame ‘Sleepy’ weave their way around your ears

The more I think on it, the more this album resembles something mysteriously attractive – intensely interesting across its rather ominous surface before tempting you into the hidden depths that beg your involvement.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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