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‘Tea and Confidences’ from Fearing and White, '... an album of presence'

(March 17, 2014)

There’s an alchemy at work here. The symbiosis between singer-songwriters Canadian Stephen Fearing and Belfast native Andy White, moves beyond transforming base metal into noble metal, toTea and Confidences fashion ‘Tea and Confidences’ – an album of considerable presence. The charisma of this album manifests itself throughout the spread of the songs, as it move seamlessly between pulsing guitar-driven energy, deeply felt endearing ballads and powerful personal statements.

Creating Tea and Confidences’ presented nearly as many problems as those faced by ancient alchemic practitioners, Stephen lives in Canada’s maritime province of Nova Scotia while Andy resides in Melbourne, Australia. Getting together and forging this album was the not the easiest task. It grew from a concentrated burst of songwriting, a four-day flow of creativeness, with the accumulated material finally formed in The Cottage studio in Guelph, southern Ontario, with Gary Craig (drums, percussion) plus Jeff Bird (harmonica) and Ray Farrugia (drums).

However problematical the task, it was without doubt worth the effort and intensity. Tea and Confidences’ may not be the yearned for philosopher’s stone but it does deliver some pure nuggets of high value. There’s the lyrical edge of ‘Tomorrow Takes A Long Time’, the guitar and drum punch of We Came Together’ and ‘Secret of A Long-Lasting Love’ – complete with its caustic yet hopeful lyrics, and the weight applied to the reflective tale of‘Sanctuary’. The softer side of this collaboration reveals itself through the contemplative experience of ‘Another Time Another Place’, the poignant narrative of ‘To The Great Unknown’, the inherent understanding of the whispered musings within ‘Think Of Me Like Summer’ and the mournful, devastatingly heartrending ‘Emigrant Song’.

There’s nothing that doesn’t enthral with ‘Tea and Confidences’ it’s an album that makes perfect sense. You can find Fearing and White

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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