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‘Strangers’ from Simone Felice, poet, songwriter, musician

(March 18, 2014)

Simone Felice has walked along paths of experience that can profoundly alter a man. Those paths impart their incidents and occurrences into the fabric of his music.His latest solo album, ‘Strangers’ is a collection of ten Strangers from Simone Felicepersonal songs that could only come from someone that’s travelled those lonesome tracks. Listen to this album and you’re hearing a poet, a songwriter, a musician. You’re hearing the words of a man unafraid to touch those places where sinewy sentiments reside. And you’re into an album that demands attention from an artist that commands it.

Experience the depths explored, resignation revealed, passive acceptance and refusal to surrender. Listen to the rivers of emotion running through songs like ‘If You Go To LA’, the elegance of ‘Running Through My Head’, the wretched narrative of‘Bye Bye Palenville’, the hope of ‘The Best That Money Can Buy’ or the understanding of ‘Heartland’.

Listening to this album you’re sharing raw feelings. Their sometimes painful, sometimes tender observations may give you strength, might make you weep, or make you grateful you’ve found something worth sharing. ‘Strangers’ is another piece of Americana beautifully crafted and tenderly revealed.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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